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Identity, the mystic and the narrative, stories of the past and present that forge our future day by day, the mask of truth questions us about our own ephemeral reality, and there the greater question … to which the viewer engages with the work by reflection and dialogue.

I was born in The Baroque city, under the gaze of volcanic landscapes , where I find my core inspiration in a nexus with nature and express it in each piece I embark to create.

In the forming of my career, the concepts of dot and line, symbols are alluding to the graphics, manifested in print, was part of the first stage into urban art through handmade sticker and posters which soon developed into process of realisation with printmaking. Today I continue to professionalize my craft as a printmaker and artist by experimenting in new outputs concurrently to problematizing my creative process.

I have exhibited my work in several cities of Mexico such as Puebla, Oaxaca, Mexico City, Guanajuato, Michoacán, Tlaxcala as well as abroad in countries like Aruba and Spain. I am a member of COOPERATIVE AVE , printmaking workshop and gallery in the city capital of Puebla, Mexico . I am currently working on projects for reintegrating social fabric through art with Stichting RANCHO in Oranjestad, Aruba in collaboration with ARTFAMA Studio & Project Space in Aruba.


Irvin Aguilar / 4EWFA is a visual artist born in Puebla, México (1992) graduated from the Institute of Visual Arts of the State of Puebla with the Degree of Fine Arts (2011-2016).

-Bachelor of Fine Arts at the Institute of Visual Arts of the State of Puebla (2011-2016)

-Hybrid Graphic Production Clinic. TEBAC, Tlaxcala (2016-2017)


-Printmaking: Knowledge of traditional techniques of Engraving such as Linocut, Woodcutting, Etching, Aquatint, Drypoint, and Lithography, Collagraph , which he currently develops in Cooperativa AVE (Workshop of Engraving and Gallery) Graphic design: He produces various advertising posters for exhibitions and workshops.

-Academic Painting: Realization of large format painting on wall and smaller supports. Sculpture: knowledge in clay sculpting, mold making, and casting.